Farming techniques and sustainable development

Farming techniques and sustainable development

The vines that we grow are located on a rolled pebbles quaternary soil, which generates light sturdiness and early maturity for the grapes.

The main varieties of grapes on the vineyard are:
- shiraz, grenache, carignan, and mourvèdre for AOP wines ("Appellation d'Origine Protégée", new European norm, formerly called Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée),
- cabernet-sauvignon, merlot, cinsault, chardonnay, shiraz, and grenache for regional wines ("vins de pays").

The vineyard is cultivated under "tempered management", in order to make the grapes as healthy as possible while preserving an ecofriendly environment:
- vines are ploughed twice a year in order to obtain far reaching roots, and thus be nurtured from deep underground,
- we start treatment against diseases only when the tolerance level is reached.

Most vines are grown with supporting fences, but some old ones are not. We are refencing the whole AOC vineyard in order to place the leaves at maximum height, and thus collect grapes with greater phenolic maturity (colour more intense and tannins more rounded).

Our goal is to drive the grapes to optimum maturity, while tempering the impact of our actions on the environment, hence on the preservation of the soil.